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Liz Wolfe
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This is just what I needed to hear today! I'm at the tail end of my current WIP and I keep bouncing between 'this is really great' and 'what total crap'. Hopefully I'll figure out which is which during the final polish. Love your List of People to Kill. My current MC is defined by this quote: "I keep a list of people who have f$*%(#$ with me. I cross them off when they die an unnatural or untimely death". I feel that way some days...LOL
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1. companionship, particularly with a rat who wasn't getting shocked; I have The Husband and other assorted friends. They're getting shocked, too, but not in the same way or for the same reason, so that seems to be working for all of us. 2. exercise; OK. This is just entirely over rated and supposedly the cure for almost everything. I might have to try it some day. 3. eating; I'm all over this one. I regularly indulge in the major food groups: Salt, sugar, saturated fat, and chocolate. 4. drinking; Again, not an issue. Anything from tequila to a fine box of chablis. and the most important 5. getting a way to feel in control. I've come to realize that the only control I have is the writing. That sounds rather lofty, but what I really mean is that my entire life can be out of control, but I can and WILL control what (or who) I write. It's one of the few releases I have in life and I won't give it up. Now gimme that chocolate and pour me another shot of tequila.
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