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Hi. Depending on the day (or hour) I am Mommy, tech support mgr, volunteer librarian, or a pixellated mage in a revealing outfit.
Interests: art and pies, biology, Chicago Bears, comparative theology, dramaturgy, early childhood literacy, educational theory, entp, football, graphology, having my own opinion, Indiana Dunes, Jim Henson, kicking ignorance in the shins, library reference, LJ drama, nature, navigation, old maps, pacifism, theatre, webcomics, blogging, camping, composing music, crochet, geocaching, Guild Wars, karaoke, mehendi, online gaming, hiking, obeying the Nintendo DS as life-coach, painting, photo-blogging, planting things outside and praying they'll grow, playing guitar, pretending I still speak spanish, reading, sewing, twittering