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Michigan, USA
nurse, gardener, poet
Interests: climate change, gardening, writing
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Yep, your site is my first stop in the morning -- to read comments and then head over to see new posts on the forum. Thank you, and what D said; let us know if you need anything to cover costs.
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Thanks for the update! I'm very grateful for all the work you do to maintain this blog.
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LRC, thanks for the link. Very cool article.
I grew up on the southern shore of Lake Superior. This winter was very much like what it was like when I was a kid back in the 70s. I'm grateful of this year's freeze-over -- it'll keep things cool this summer and maybe we won't have to run the air conditioner. But I couldn't help thinking that it was like the lifeblood of the arctic spilling over us.
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I'm an amateur, but the graphs and animations seem pretty straight forward. And yet we have a newspaper article (here) that reports: "California's drought will be one of the extreme weather events that the American Meteorological Society will examine later this year to determine whether the cause is natural variability or human-caused climate change..." Since the same group found that the 2012 Midwest drought was mainly due to natural variation, I was wondering if anyone knows what metric they are using to claim an event is mainly due to climate change?
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2014 on Looking for winter weirdness 2014 at Arctic Sea Ice
From yesterday's Daily Kos: Polar Vortex, Jet Streams, Stratospheric Warming events, Rossby Waves, and Arctic Blasts "If only those record-melting Arctic ice packs would stay in place and not keep warming up their supposed-to-be Arctic neighborhoods by exposing all that open sea water -- then maybe that Arctic Vortex might not have to 'go wobbling around like a wildly spinning top -- losing its fast-track momentum' ... at such an ever increasing rate. But then again, Who needs stable Jet Streams anyways?"
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Happy Holidays, Neven! And to all of the great folks who post this important information. Thank you all so much for all the great graphs and youtube links. I kinda love all of you.
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Boa05att wrote: The point I'm trying to make is that we should be applying the precautionary principle here, the IPCC shouldn't any longer just be reporting what it can attest will happen with extreme scientific certainty, as it was originally set up to do. But should now also be including some guide to how bad things could perhaps get if due to positive feedbacks. This reminds me of the MIT Wheel.
Sorry if this clutters the thread with OT! @Joe Smith -- I hope that your heart-felt post does not get deleted, because it really spoke to me and how I've been feeling for several years, now. It calms me to know that other people are feeling this, that I'm not completely bonkers. As far as a sliver of hope goes, my family is saving to build a small farm near the southern shore of Lake Superior -- looks like we'll be able to buy the property next year. We are putting all of our family resources toward it, all of our disposable income. My friends and my children's friends mostly think we're nuts. It's like there are two realities, Alternative Universes, and I'm walking from one to the other. It is very disconcerting. So it is helpful to read that there are other people who are walking back and forth with me.
Thanks for all your hours of very, very fine blogging. Have a good vacation! See you on the flip side.
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