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I will not remain as unreachable. My name is Lana Sherman, I have been living in the Berkley school district for almost 16 years, I have a 20 year old son who graduated from Berkley and I currently have an 8th grader at Norup. Anyone want to contact me I'm in the Norup directory. Call me, I will be happy to work with anyone for the benefit of the Berkley School District. I don't want to argue with anyone, I only want to come up with solutions to the issues at hand.
The number of teachers who have put in for transfers from Norup International School due to administrative staff conflict is up to 20 as of last week. Who (anyone?) going to address this issue and how it is going to impact the whole district? This is not just about Norup. Wherever these teachers transfer too it will affect and where will Norup find equal/qualified teachers to take their places?
To: Pmcalhoun01 1) Nobody said the district cut buses - it was being used as an example of cuts, hmm. Simeck said "This is a district that cut its fat years ago." "They privatized food service. There’s no bus service, except for special education." Hello, there it is. He shouldn't use examples that don't exist. I think you need to read a little more carefully before pointing fingers at my comments. The main concern to you (Pmcalhoun01) is you say you IMAGINE, hello why would someone imagine something. Don't comment unless you know for sure. Imagination is exactgly that, your imagination. Come on people, make this real and not made up comments.
Berkley has always been a walking district, so to say they cut buses, hm? Also, the teachers in Berkley are some of the best around, too bad the ones at Norup International School are not happy with the administrative staff and want to transfer out. Last year 11 teachers transferred to other schools in the district, this year 15 teachers have asked for transfers. Mr. Simeck should be concentrating on this issue and how all of 600+ students are affected at Norup.
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Mar 11, 2011