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Catholic, husband, father, and disciple of Jesus Christ on pilgrimage to the New Jerusalem.
Interests: philosophy, politics, theology
Recent Activity
There are many articles to link today. Pope Benedict XVI has reminded the Church that everyone is called to holiness. Holiness, of course, is found in the saint that lives in the imitation of Christ. The Pope has recommended three rules for holiness here. In a similar Lenten theme, Jeff... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2011 at Viator Daily Links
A fascinating and somewhat surprising article on the causes of spiritual blindness. This is the kind of information that everyone seeking sanctity should have. Find it here. St. Vincent, ora pro nobis! Continue reading
Posted Apr 5, 2011 at Viator Daily Links
A very interesting article in the context of Father Corapi's troubles and the contrast of Father Groeschell. Read it here. The lesson is that we should seek our spiritual direction not from celebrities but from holy ascetics who emulate Jesus Christ and not Hollywood. A very good summary of the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 4, 2011 at Viator Daily Links
The always readable and enlightening Peter Kreeft has published an article in the National Catholic Register that is very interesting. The article's title speaks to the content of the article: The Left, the Right and "Dominus Iesus." Dominus Iesus can be found here. St. Pius X, ora pro nobis! Continue reading
Posted Aug 21, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
Through the centuries there has always been speculation about the nature and location of Heaven. Today, the Church recalls the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This article explains that Mary was assumed into Heaven and that Heaven is many things but it is also a "place". Interesting. Also, attached... Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
Scripture Professor R.R. Reno has observed that there is an error worse than error! That error is an inability to accept truth when it is presented due to an overly skeptical intellectual stance. He observes that "truth outruns reason." In matters of Revelation, this is surely the case. This very... Continue reading
Posted Jul 27, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
I have run across a new web site It seems to have a variety of very interesting writings. One of these is an article defining 'liberalism" in the context of religion. Find it here. Mark Shea has put together an article on Clericalism that rightly describes the dignity, and... Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
Msgr. Charles Pope was explained an area of Christian life that has become confused. The Western world's post-modern tendency rejects the idea that a person's actions can legitimately be judged. In fact, being "judgmental" is viewed as the only blameworthy act. The article presents the proper Christian view. This article... Continue reading
Posted Jun 22, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
George Weigel has diagnosed the Church's situations since Vatican II. He explains that the emergence of weakened zeal, what he calls "Catholic Lite", has its roots not only in the Modernist reemergence but also in the weakness of catechesis before the counsel. This is a very important article. The Divine... Continue reading
Posted Jun 18, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
Viator: My dear Carnalis, it is a surprise to meet you here in the vestibule of this Cathedral! Carnalis: Ah Viator! You are too concerned with the appearance of things! A building is a building. This place looks like the lobby of any building. Well, except for the fact that... Continue reading
Posted Jun 6, 2010 at Viator Talks With Carnalis
The outstanding Called to Communion web site has another small gem. Tim A. Troutman has built upon a quotation from St. Augustine to show that "the Catholic apprehends the Church as supernatural and therefore above him." We are happy to have made this discovery. The alternative view is that we... Continue reading
Posted May 30, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
I love this song. This stunning video comes from a blog post by Msgr. Charles Pope titled "On Fascinosum et Tremendum." Outstanding. Mother of God, ora pro nobis! Continue reading
Posted May 18, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
A very interesting article that discusses the concept of eternity. One disagreement: The author states that eternity is all time. I wonder if eternity might be the absence of time. The end result might be the same: an eternal now. Read it here. I like the author's definition a bit... Continue reading
Posted May 17, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
Bishop Jaime Soto is a great leader of the American church. In the past he taught in plain Gospel terms about the moral issues that face the world today. In his weekly column, the Bishop describes what he calls "the Catholic paradox." He teaches, "Lourdes displays the Catholic paradox that... Continue reading
Posted May 9, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
Pope Benedict XVI is quoted in this blog. Benedict's teaching on the apparent severity of of St. Paul is very important. It is particularly important to those who do not understand the passionate love of a father. Fr. Dwight Longenecker has authored a very helpful article on the problem of... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
A very interesting, and long, article on the Catholic assertion that Christ Founded a Visible Church. Continue reading
Posted Apr 19, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
Today is the optional memorial of St. Martin. St. Martin was Pope in the seventh century when the Church was faced with a Byzantine emperor who held the heresy of monothelitism. This heresy claimed Our Lord possessed one will rather than two wills as was the orthodox view. Pope Martin... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
The Why I Am Catholic blog has a touching article that puts things in their proper order. It is about aging. Read it here. Now I know what I want to be when I grow up. This article offers some perspectives on women serving in the Church. The key lesson... Continue reading
Posted Apr 12, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
Msgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington has provided a chronological sequence of the resurrection appearances. Msgr Owen Campion has courageously outlined the issues around the sacrament of Confession as it applies to those who artificialy brith control. Needless to say, this issue is almost never discussed. Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
Dave Armstrong has provided the Biblical logic for the practice of requesting the prayers of the Saints. The article is here. The Called to Communion blog has an excellent article on the Bible. The question tackled there is "by what criterion do we know which texts comprise the Bible." Find... Continue reading
Posted Apr 6, 2010 at Viator Daily Links
Dave Armstrong has provided the Biblical logic for the practice of asking for the prayers of the saints. The article is here. Continue reading
Posted Apr 6, 2010 at Daily Links
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Mar 15, 2010
Paragraphs 1 through 3 of the Catechism form a complete unit. In this introduction to the Faith, there are many sets of three. From Paragraph 1 recall that the faithful are to know, love and serve God. Immediately thereafter, the Church teaches us that the mission given to the Apostles... Continue reading
Posted Feb 7, 2010 at Viator Reads the Catechism
In an act of love that was completely beyond the hope of any of man's efforts at religion, God reveals to Israel that He has reached down to man in love to rescue all of us from our fallen world and fallen natures. Through the Cross of Christ we can... Continue reading
Posted Feb 7, 2010 at Viator Reads the Catechism
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