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Yesterday you were happy that Bjorn Lomborg was a statistician sounding like an economist. Isn't this a case of a doctor-politician sounding like an economist? Sounds like a reason to be happy, not worried, to me ...
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Troy, I think you are absolutely right to argue that spontaneous order = beauty, and I like reading your work on that subject. But I have to tell you (and you probably won't be surprised to hear this) that the first person to draw that relationship was Adam Smith, in The Theory of Moral Sentiments. For Smith, the harmony we create when we achieve a concordance and mutual sympathy between heterogeneous individuals with their own aims and goals has a very aesthetic quality. Sorry, dude ;-). But the more that thoughtful and creative people like you build on those connections, the more thought-provoking ideas we have to shake people out of their intellectual torpor!
It is amazing that wind turbines have transformed from bird-killing nuisances to glamorous harbingers of our future in such a relatively short time!
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My visceral reaction was similar to Nancy's; what really tips it from glam to spam is the furnishings. In particular, I'd dislike it less if the woods were more honey-toned and less white. The white makes it look like it's trying too hard, like the house, or room, or outfit of the person who desperately wants to be stylish but just consistently misses the subtle details that delineate style from fashion. Of course, I'm often that person, so your mileage may vary ...
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