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Seconded. I'm a Warriors fan, so I don't hold a brief for Popovich, but this from Bloomberg is also worth reading:
I downloaded the app. I have to say that within 100km of us, everything on Shpock is shlock. A very beautiful splash screen, however.
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In the same vein as The Path Between the Seas, Richard Rhodes' magisterial The Making of the Atomic Bomb is a gripping, endlessly fascinating account of innovation on the largest scale imaginable. General Groves and the engineers and scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project built an industry larger than the auto industry in just a few years. Breathtaking.
But of course Jackie Calmes' article in today's Times ( on the plans refers several times to the Simpson-Bowles plan as "centrist". We obviously have a political spectrum that stops at centrist as it wanders rightward.
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Wish I could have been there, Sylvia. It's true Tracey, Frances and I haven't paid ourselves yet, but we have been taking advertising since February. We're ahead of our forecasts on revenue, but for the moment we're retaining the revenue to continue to invest in Berkeleyside.
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There's a software company called Semicolon Software: Sadly, someone has parked
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