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Truly yummy looking fleece! I can just see a rya rug, or even better, a blanket, made of that. Would also like a few of those animatronic sheep for the back yard!
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Tussah always had the happiest ears--and constantly had a smile. Lady dog sends her love, and consoling leans. Hugs and love, Kris and Lady
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Oh, please! Those mitts look wonderful, and the wee coat may soon be on the needles for someone else!
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You find the most interesting books and ideas to share--thank you. Never even thought about an artisan-sharpened pencil. The book is entirely too intriguing not to track down. How many of us, in bygone times, took a break from schoolwork, to go to that elementary version of the water cooler--the pencil sharpener?
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Gotta love your crop of one big white dog! It should be noted, by those who may not know, that Deb's daughter Bekah is an amazing dog trainer, and has increased Lady's skill level remarkably. The decision to rebuild or not is hard, because this was to be our retirement home, last move after 29. Yes, 29 moves in 42 years. Thankfully, incredible friends who will disrupt their lives for months, making sure we don't have to worry about a roof over ours or our animals' heads, soothes a bit of the stress.
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Oct 7, 2012