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Agreed! There are SO MANY issues that are coming at us as a nation. Accidental or purposeful? I think the later.
The sad part of this is found in the fact that the MSM willfully ignores the facts and thusly, contributes to the economic ignorance of the electorate. I wish I could state I had confidence in the American people, but I'm no longer confident. Covetousness and greed are currently ruling the day. Americans are whistling in the grave yard while their nation's grave is being dug right in front of them. I think I hear the fat lady rehearsing for her grand finale.
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Jun 6, 2012
Hmm, was he elected mayor or emperor? The former is the reality, the later his imagination. Someone needs to remind him he rules by the consent of the governed.
Holy cow! I can see why he wouldn't want your analysis on his FB page especially if he can't or won't take the intellectual time to refute it. Why can't politicians understand that for every action they wish to initiate, there will be a reaction?
Our President, once sold to us as an intellectual giant, is nothing short of an ignoramus with a gift of gab. (my apology to ignoramuses) His inability of intellectual rational thought is superseded only by MSM generally & Paul Krugman in particular. (can I have a rim shot for my gratuitous shot at Krugman?) Truly, the emperor has no clothes, but in this case, if he had some, he would need help getting dressed and then, would thank the Federal Government for providing and assisting his daily needs. Unfortunately, his audience's membership is also of the same construct. I would also like to give a shout out to Harry Reid and Mom Nancy P who are BO's soul mates in "hope and change". For this fall I can only "hope to change" who is going to be President and Senate majority leader!
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Guess I won't get mine paid off in my lifetime. Good luck with yours!
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Here is the the issue I think most are having with Mitt. NO PASSION! Comes across as a celluloid, thin, actor who has only learned the script. Santorum is the kid in the classroom who has his hand up in the air screaming "I know the answer, call on me". Newt is the passionate nutty professor where Ron Paul is the crazy uncle. If Mitt want to complete with Newt, get busy explaining your vision. Newt has written books, researched ideas and has a vast reserve of knowledge whereas Mitt appears to have studied and written to run for President. If we agree that those who don't know their history are destined to repeat it, then electing a morally flawed, but knowledgable man may be our best bet. I personally have trended towards Mitt, but his tax release answers and his milqtoast answers have me wondering if he has the mettle to be commander in chief. I LIKE the fight in Mitt and his knowledge.
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last night while watching Greta Vansustren I commented to Linda about feeling like we are being fed two candidates. One the establishment loves and the other that they profess to "hate". But do they really? Is this another version of the shell game? While we may wallow in the idea that there really is a candidate the establishment hates, in reality he might be just be the perfect foil so that the establishment still gets a person that will do more of the same (aka George Bush spending levels). GB is a good man, but didn't shrink ANYTHING while in office. Has Newt changed? I don't know and at this point all I can say is folk had better pray and ask for guidance in this matter!
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This would definitely curb wild speculations as "your" wealth manager would treat your investment pool more like his money. So, maybe it would be good to know exactly "how" the investment manager does treat his own money? How is his/her lifestyle? Does it reflect your values?
Sec of State Clinton's demeanor says what in this photo? Let's speculate shall we? 1. "OMG, they are using GUNS!" 2. "They just SHOT a HUMAN BEING" 3. "So THAT'S how diplomacy is suppose to work" 4. "Now why didn't I tell Bill to do things this way" 5. "this looks like it actually is WORKING" any more?
Another factor to be considered in the news that the released BC was able to be "taken apart" by Adobe Illustrator, thus proving it is not a copy and thought a forgery by some. I am of the opinion that if this BC copy is a computer generated item, it is very possible that those "elements" that make up the BC are going to appear as they appear, because a computer is NOT a copier and would handle the assembly of this differently. If the image used by the computer was an electronic copy of the original, then there should be only ONE element, not several. So, the question is how did the computer generate the BC copy. In most cases, electronic storage of copied documents usually are single element items. Hawaii usually will not provide a "copy" of the original, but a computer generated long form, however there is a news story that says Hawaii made two photocopies for the President, who then must have had a PDF made of the photocopy, so, why are there so many elements within the PDF? I'm confused! News story referenced is at
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This probably will be the biggest hurdle to tax reform. It has become a hugh industry in and of itself. How many lawyers and accounts would be hit has to be a staggering number.
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Apr 20, 2011