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I took a nap today. The kids are with the grandparents. My husband was at work, and I'd packed a ton of boxes in the morning. My body said rest, so I said, "why not?" But I still feel like a slacker or like I need permission to rest when there's so much else going on. (And hooray for "The End." I'm dreaming of that day!)
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Jody's books are among my favorites! Thanks for sharing her with your readers!
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Sounds like another good one! Thanks for all the recommendations! I just finished Submerged and I'm moving on to Wildflowers from Winter.
What are you doing in my head???? :) Yes, some days I can write the whole post in my head before I sit down at the computer and other days it's like I forgot how to use words. And the pieces of the puzzle thing ... I'm with you. I want ALL the pieces, not just one at a time, which is where we're at right now. We have one piece. Then another. The others are still out there and we're not even sure what the end picture will look like! So, yeah. Be still. It's not my favorite message, but it's all I'm hearing right now. Thanks for sharing!
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Totally needed this today. NOTHING about our life right now looks like what we expected and we find ourselves daily saying, we give up, Lord. We give up our plans, our hopes, our dreams and we trust that You have this under control and we're better off doing this Your way. P.S. I love the new pic! :)
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Oh, man. Good question. Sometimes I think it's all of the above. Writing is my passion, and when I was working full-time for a newspaper, I didn't pursue any other kind of writing because, seriously, I was writing ALL day. Now that I'm a mom who stays home, pursuing MY passion seems unable to coexist with everything else: what the kids needs, my husband's passion, housework (not at all my passion). So I think what stops me is the season of life I'm in. And then I get all freaked out that when this season is over, I won't have anything left to pursue my passion. And sometimes I feel guilty for wanting to do something more than raise my kids. You'll do so great at your talk! (P.S. A Sweethaven Christmas is on its way to my house, and I'm wondering how responsible it will be of me to put down the other two books I'm reading so I can read yours!) :)
And I "like" your Facebook author page.
I'm short on physical places of peace right now, or at least the time and access to them, but the mountains or a state park are where my soul seems to sigh and let go of all the things it's carrying. When I can't get there, I grab a book and escape into someone else's story.
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Something quirky? How fun! Sometimes I associate people with animals. I once had a boss whose name was close to "walrus" and he kind of looked like one. I could barely keep a straight face when he approached. I also have a chipmunk and turtle in my life. Those are the ones I can think of right away. Weird, huh? :)
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Fun giveaways! I'm a coffee girl. I like Seattle's Best, best. :)
I need an office or some sort of creative space. That should be a given, I guess, but we're living in a rental and we've outgrown it and by the grace of God, we will be moving this summer after my husband finishes seminary. (I almost wrote cemetery there. I always confuse the two. Must be why I sometimes feel like a widow.) :) I got a surprise massage for Christmas, which would not have been my first way to go. I like to be a little more prepared than that, and I sort of wasn't expecting the naked thing. (Although I was able to keep my ... what was that called again ... "giant cowboy" pants on. :) It was amazing, really, and not as weird as I thought it would be. I think I'd go back, but I think it's like a doctor ... you've got to find a massage therapist you're comfortable with.
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"O Holy Night" is my favorite, but I've recently become acquainted with "Good Christina Men, Rejoice" -- a version by Smalltown Poets (love!) I've been hearing on the radio.
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It's not Christmas until we watch White Christmas while drinking egg nog and eating Archway cashew nougat and wedding cake cookies. Yum!
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Happy anniversary! What I consider really romantic is to dream together, whether it's planning "what if money were no object" vacations or professional goals or what kind of family you hope to be or what you'll do in retirement, it's so dreamy (ha ha) to think about the future with the man I want to spend my future with. You could also write each other cheesy love notes or something. You know, like the kind kids passed in junior high or high school. :)
Okay, I'm crying. My kids are making a mess of the living room, and one of them (the dramatic one. the girl.) is throwing a fit. I read some of the same stories you mentioned and it broke my heart. And made me fearful. God says we don't have to live in fear, but man. When it comes to my kids, that's hard. I'm sorry you're far away from family at a time like this. I know that feeling, too. When my grandparents house burned in March, I was ready to pack the kids up and drive to Illinois that day. Writing always helps me make sense of what I'm feeling. Thanks for being so open with your journey.
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First, you are super brave to post a high school prom photo. I'm pretty sure I've buried or burned mine. :) I'm an overthinker, too. I feel your pain a little. Could you compromise and do it in Oregon or something or would that alienate everybody? With your family name recognition in Dixon, that would be my vote. And if we were anywhere near Illinois in February, I'd totally be there! We have no plans to be home then, but I'll be cheering you on from Pennsylvania. The makings of a great party: fun people, great food and a worthy cause. I say you've got all three!
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