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Bill Cleary ALWAYS reports the facts. His investigations are right on point, and the reality is that municipal, state, and federal governments have NO money! It is provided to these entities by US! My family has paid taxes in this town, state, and country for 100 years. The city has gone in the opposite direction for many years, all due to nepotism. What has been done to attract new business? The festival was a great idea that should have been supported privately, not with taxpayer dollars. Security officers could have been hired. There has not been a Republican candidate for any city offices for years. Why? It seems like most folks figure it is not worth the aggravation to run for any municipal office. The people in charge have failed, and no one has provided a choice. Other small towns in the area have turned things around so why can't Gloucester City? Camden has made many improvements. Why can't Gloucester City? It is simply poor management. Sadly, the situation is not likely to improve unless the state takes over city government.
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Jul 11, 2018