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la la land { Los Angeles, CA }
legit . ninja . hustla
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Sabrina - 2013 has big things in store for YIFY. i'll be back in full force! ;) xo Mere - that was the surge of lovely energy i felt! you are an amazing friend, my dear. love u. David - you always understand me. xo Rebeccca - we stress so much about the surface when it's infinitesimal. good works done beneath that surface work wonders. Rachel - thank you, love! :D
(art credit: Yogi Bhajan) As the end of the year draws near, clearing + cleansing ourselves of the junk we've been pack-ratting around is spiritually imperative. The subconscious mind is like a garden. Left untended, pesky weeds (buried thoughts + impressions) multiply and threaten to take over. Eventually, we find... Continue reading
Smriti - No flies on you, missy. :P xo Maria - Happy Halloweeeeeen! So - He keeps asking me for the keys to his Rolls... Alex - Ooooh. Will percolate on that for next year. We should team up. You can do the voiceover. :D Svasti - Teehee. Love u! Sabrina - Girl, YOU fierce. xo
Happy Yogaween! To commemorate this year's trickery and treatery, I've carved up Mr. Bikram Choudhury, an homage to Bikram Yoga's namesake. It gives me great goosebumpery pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Bikram O'Lantern: Top Knot: check 80s Headband: check Caterpillar Brows: check Smirk: check Lit From Within (due to... Continue reading
(artwork credit: whole /hohl/ : (noun) a thing that is complete in itself You have heard many times that you are already whole, that you have everything you need. Yet many of us continue to feel more akin to doughnuts or swiss cheese — we experience holes in ourselves.... Continue reading
As a bro, you have to be a bastion of balance — steely, yet flexible...stolid, yet sensitive — to survive in today's average yoga class. By default, the ladies think you're on the make, you think you may be out of your element in a sea of estrogen, and let's... Continue reading
The YIFY fan club + I were at Bhakti Fest over the weekend... They are so dedicated. The fan club doesn't really talk or even blink, but I know they have my back when it counts. They like to snuggle, too. Didn't make it out? Don't sweat it (we did... Continue reading
You've always wanted to know how the other half lives yogas. This is my city. My lifeblood. My 'hood. And this, this is how we California roll . . . 1. Today is Kirtan?!?!?! 2. Chanel bag, perfect highlights, just hopped out the Ferrari. Front desk says class rates went... Continue reading
@ Emma - the secrets are freed! @ Nadya - thank you, my dear. a big compliment coming from you! @ Supportive Yoga - i hope it tasted good the second time. sort of like a chai neti! :P xo @ Sheryl - wow, thank you muchly! honored! :D :D :D @ Julie - he or she will likely nod in agreement. ;) i think this is universal YTT fodder. or perhaps it could simply be my oddly-tinged perspective. @ Brian - good to meet you! looking forward to chats on twitter. @ MyMi - girl, you know i dig you. majorly, like a shovel digs dirt. @ Linda - not shocked. ;) we need to take a TT together for the hell of it. we can geek out. @ Ilene - were you the kitty in a box on the opposite corner? i thought i saw you! :D next time, we'll pool our resources. @ Babs - i aim to please, hot mama. @ David - i giggled with glee over this comment. thank you so much. beautiful + i feel lucky to receive this kind of awesome praise! on a related note, i was thinking of having my brain put in pretty colored water inside a huge ball canning jar. cool, no? @ Crystal - that's the thing about us kooky yoginis and yogis. we get done with one TT and we want to do another...and another! i love learning. @ Dyamond - it's totally possible. even Patanjali says so in his Sutras. :D @ Mere - it is a complete trip, isn't it?! a ridonkulously good one, but kind of insane, too. @ Roseanne - i have an animated gif addiction. help me! ;) @ Soule Mama - me, too. i think i was the only one who never cried once in TT. they thought i was weird. i thought they were a bunch of sobby sobbertons. eh! :P and boy am i glad i didn't do an intensive. crazy talk! i need absorption time.
YTT ain't for suckaz. It's for Hard. Ass. Bitches. We dun did our time. When it's all over and you see the light for the very first time in decades years months um, hours, your mind flies like a bird set free. But instead of cruising around life and pooping... Continue reading
@ naomi - it's not about asking those with differing views not to read, nay, YIFY is ALL about the voice you don't normally hear. the winking disclaimer simply asks the reader to let their funny bone be tickled, whilst giving a peace sign to that unfortunate character, the seeks-to-spew-acid internet troll. yarrrr. we send those salty characters straight to the yoga mat for a daily regimen of mindful meditation!
@ David - good point! well-meaning teachers are exempt. ;) xo
"Preacher tellin' the truth and it hurts." — DMX These particular yoga truths hurt because they are terribly true and hackingly hilarious when illustrated by slapstick gifs. Better lock yourself in to your chair with a yoga strap . . . 1. Someone puts their nasty toes on your yoga... Continue reading
@ Thilde - thank you! :D :D @ Rere - you asked for it! here are your flesh-toned Bikram/Ken doll-style undies. NSFW! y'all have been forewarned... lol!
@ Mere - unite! @ Soule Mama - love you back! working on my three-legged dog as we speak... @ David - you are so beautifully eloquent. i swoon. xo @ Rick - i bet she'd love it! i played with barbies when i was little and i'm (obviously) totally abnormal, which is a good thing. ;) @ Hip Hot Mama - that song! omg. now it's stuck in my head. :P @ Larah - girl, i'm all over that. i LIVE in my freaking pajamas. so with you! :D @ Rere - i think you are my soulmate. truth. off to find you some flesh bikki undies.
@ Svasti - Damn! I understand Ken's position on this. A dealbreaker deserving of a swift kick to the curb. @ Nancy - You should see her Hanumanasana! She has a little trouble with Tadasana, though, Barbie toes and all. ;)
(finished artwork by YIFY; photo/art sources: + As you have no doubt heard by now, our favorite pink-decked, golden-tressed, busty-breasted doll is a newly-minted Yoga Teacher. Though not yet confirmed by Yoga Alliance, Barbie's 200-hour certification is believed to come from MattelWorks Exhale Core Power Studios. The news... Continue reading
Like anything else that gains popularity, yoga has been duped, pooped, and looped. Let the following serve as your gentle guide to the mad miscellany. PARTNER YOGA: HOT PARTNER YOGA: BROGA — YOGA FOR DUDES (wherein Gumby makes a celeb appearance): DOGA — YOGA FOR DOGS: LAUGHTER YOGA: NAKED YOGA:... Continue reading
Thanks, loves! :D More to come when I tackle rando yoga types. Dyamond - My fellow Californians seem to practice a LOT of restorative yoga. Hmmm... Bindi - Great idea!
So glad y'all homies dig it! :D I swear, it looks simplistic, but it took me AGES to find just the right gifs.
Choosing from the seemingly mountainous stack of yoga styles can be intimidating. Here, I break it all down just for you. Simply. Clearly. Visually. In an unbiased fashion. ANUSARA: ASHTANGA: BIKRAM / HOT YOGA: IYENGAR: JIVAMUKTI: KUNDALINI: POWER YOGA: VINYASA FLOW: YIN / RESTORATIVE: Questions? Comments? Concerns? Stay tuned for... Continue reading
LOVE all your comments! making you guys laugh is my bliss. ;)
They tell you there's a sub today: You take a Jivamukti class: Some asshole does a pose you totally can't: The dude who won't go away skeeves on you one time too many: The teacher's face when she says you're doing MORE abs: A fart pierces the blissful yogic silence:... Continue reading
(artwork credit: You can't swing a yoga mat, a sassy arm, or a stylish bag without hitting at least one asshole. They're everywhere these days — the post office, in traffic, even on Twitter. But this doesn't mean you have to let them get your goat. Not when you... Continue reading
Aaahhh - LaGitane and MyMi, love you girls! Thanks for the warmth and support!!! :D