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I'm a firm believer that you can tell everything you know about a person in the way they treat very certain people and things in life: service personnel, cab drivers, pregnant ladies on the subway, and yes, most definitely pets and other animals. I can barely keep myself from consoling my dog when she cries because I'm not paying attention to her while also watching television; I can't even imagine being indifferent to her cries in a more serious situation. Between this and other questionable statements by Romney on the campaign trail, I have serious doubts as to his capacity to think and feel like a human being should.
Totally agree, Rep - Spirit's ads miss the mark and even worse, their flights are extremely uncomfortable, to boot. About a year and a half ago, I was on a flight where my seat was actually tethered to those of my seatmates school bus-style and didn't recline whatsoever. Upon asking a stewardess what the heck I was sitting in, she testily replied it was a new 'pre-reclined' seat they were working on. Ironic to say the least, since we were at about 90 degrees. Combined with their CEO's offensive remarks when baggage fees came into style (he was quoted saying you wouldn't ask FedEx or UPS to ship your packages for free, as if that was an apples-to-apples comparison) I've abandoned the brand.
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Rep - you forgot the first season of Jersey Shore!
This is cool - I totally believe it. We adopted our dog four weeks ago and started taking her for runs soon after - moreso to tire her out and ensure she got fit than for any benefit to myself (I hated running.) Now I'm running a few miles every day with ease and have totally caught the running bug. It's 99 percent of the reason why I'm running the marathon in November!
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Well, like you, I'd probably have to take it into consideration. But a firm that sounds that Italian should probably have a guy named Vinny answer the phone.
Definitely not! Accents are such a great way to break the ice both in business and in life. I can't tell you how many times my pronunciation of coffee has led to the exclamation "You're not from Florida!" and before I know it, I'm in a conversation about favorite landmarks in New Jersey. Accents are a common bond when you share one, conversation starters when you hear one, or just plain old interesting when you get one that's not familiar.
Sorry to say, Rep - I'm with Julie on this one. Gaga is on the other side of the spectrum than Snooki. In fact, most pop culture writers and watchers praise her for exploiting the attention-getting system. Her antics, rather than random, are actually quite calculated. (As opposed to Snooki, who just is drunk all the time, as you know.) With that said, having her as your creative director is going to come with some waves because she does need to maintain this "image" but I suspect Polaroid knew that and is willing to go along for the ride. If even 1/100 of Gaga's fans buy Polaroid as a result (I went to a concert of hers, her fans are SERIOUS) - they'll be riding those waves all the way to the bank.
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Jan 12, 2011