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I think the stigma of sales is the customer feeling like a number and then after the sale its next. That may be exaggerated a little but not far from the truth. I do believe there needs to be some tact and that part of it would be art while product knowledge would be the science end of the equation. In the end sales management is looking for numbers and hence we come full circle. To bolster sales skills consider an online sales management training course from a top university.
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2012 on Selling: Art or Science? at Selling Power Blog
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Social media can wipe a day out if you get caught up in it. The Facebook changes have slowed my time there. It looks like too much clutter to me and how is it organized? I am a hootsuite user and it is great for getting organized and scheduling. I set most of my tweets up in one sitting for the week. There is a lot to social media. To learn the ins and outs and get an idea of what is involved take a look at this top university's advanced social media training curriculum.
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Apr 11, 2012