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American Samoa
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Navel gazing gone horribly wrong...
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The PA. election laws must be quite different than here in Missouri. My wife - the beautiful Mrs. Locomotivebreath - is an election judge here on our side of the state, and Missouri law is very clear: Democrat & Republican election judges MUST BE present at ALL polling locations. Period. Solves a lot of problems.
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Not an actual American flag? Doesn't matter. Perception is reality, and the obamanator can't seem to grasp that concept. But this is S.O.P. for the obamanator's swooning flock of democratic socialist myrmidons - they won't admit anything is wrong because they didn't ~know anything was wrong. They are a clueless morass of amoral, relativistic, touchy-feely cognitive dissonance. In Che they trust.
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