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Doug Lofland
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Getting back to how this blog started, "This should be headline news. It should be plastered all over the front pages of newspapers and web sites around the world." I am struck by the dedication of conductor Neven and his orchestra of 193 followers, who collectively have figured out that some very serious events are unfolding in the Arctic. I don't know the site traffic on this, but his last YouTube update garnered just over 1,000 views. My own 2008 video of weirdness in Nares Strait has done just slightly better over 5 years. The reality is that this information is not reaching the masses, and what does get there is getting neutralized by the major CO2 emitting industries. Yet, a young man from Seoul, does a funny dance (Gangnam Style), and ends up with 1.7 billion views, and over 6 million subscribers. Maybe we can get him to do his dance on a small iceberg with a catchy song. I think the real challenge is marketing. Social media. Something. The Dark Snow project, led by Jason Box was the first, I think, to try to use social media, crowd funding, Twitter, etc and had limited success, but did not reach the masses. They did get funded and are doing some great research, but I suspect that most of it came from the small community of Arctic watchers. What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic. Clouds, clouds, go away, let MODIS count the ice cubes another day. Catch phases? Marketing? It really has to be done. Soon.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2013 on Arctic time bombs at Arctic Sea Ice
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Jul 28, 2013