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One report I read, an off-duty casino worker commented that the casino could hold up to 1000 people. Had the attackers wanted to claim a higher body count (which terrorists usually try to do), the attack would likely have taken place at a time when the casino was packed. Instead, it took place during what would be a slow time of day. Sadly, it appears that the majority of victims are women. On a personal note, one of my aunts in Monterrey like to frequent the casinos as an outing with her friends and comadres. I don't think she'll be going anymore.
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Sylvia- I'm curious what judges hear asylum cases--U.S. District Court judges? With the rise of DTO activity in Central America, have you had the opportunity to testify for an Central American asylum applicant? Thanks again for an informative post--I think the perception is that the U.S. courts grant asylum willy-nilly whereas the reality (as demonstrated by your statistics) is something else altogether.
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TCO--good choice. Takes the notion of globalization to a whole other level, doesn't it?
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Interesting to see that Sen. Cornyn is the cooler head in this situation. I agree that labeling the cartels as "terrorists" is oversimplifying the situation. Rep. McCaul appears to be beating a convenient drum for political gain. I'm waiting for a Texas politician to propose some real solutions, but I may be waiting in vain. I hope not.
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Mar 31, 2011