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Logan Schmitz
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The Logan Presents team are thrilled to announce that we are now promoting Matinee World Tour and will be responsible for everything Matinee London in 2010. To clear up a few rumours: -We will still be promoting SuperMartXe in London… if anything, SuperMartXe will be bigger in 2010 than it was last year. The fantastic reception to Alice in Wonderland at Brixton Academy means we’ll be continuing to pull out all the stops for these parties, and the first one will be on February 20/27th – details TBA soon! -Matinee approached us and asked us to take on the parties as they were concerned that the parties were losing some of the brand’s identity here in London. For this very reason, the new Matinee London will not simply be a re-branded SuperMartXe, - the two parties will have very different identities, and our aim is to improve on the current format rather than completely change it. -We would like to make it clear that Logan Presents is not owned, run, financed or sponsored in any way by the Orange Group. We have a good relationship with the team in Vauxhall and try to link up on events such as Beyond afterparties so that we can offer our customers a great all-round night, but the two promotions are completely separate. The first “Logan Presents… Matinee London” event will be on Saturday 6th February… The event will not be held in Area, but I am sure you can find us there for the Beyond After-Party!
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Jan 4, 2010