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This is a tough one. Internal quotes might butt up against the external quotes at either end, or they might be in the middle, far from the double-quotes. Here's my first thought: Do a Find/Replace: Put a quotation mark in the Find What box, put ^& in the Replace With box (so it won't actually change anything), and select Highlight from the Format drop-down. Then click Replace All. This will highlight all the quotation marks. Change the highlight color, and then do the same Find/Replace for single quotes. Now you have all quotes and single quotes highlighted in two different colors. You can zoom out substantially and just look for those little blocks of color, making sure their order is logical. If something is awry, zoom back in and fix it. When you're done, Ctrl+A to select everything, and then remove highlighting. is now following The Typepad Team
May 11, 2011