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"They treat the world inside their own head, their own beliefs about the universe, as primary...." We ALL do this. As creatures with sensory organs, we experience the world through those senses--but the actual experience is encapsulated in this wee skull up top our bipedal bodies, and there's NOTHING we can do to get out. To someone who hallucinates unicorns, there really ARE unicorns ... even if they understand that they're hallucinating. It's what forces me into my own little "two brains" phenomenon. On the one brain, I'm an avowed Atheist with a Capital A. I love debating religion--it's a hobby. But on the other brain, I stop short of trying to force myself to ditch every last superstitious response to the world ... because it's my own biologically-filtered, in-skull experience. I'm being compassionate toward my pattern-seeking, anthropomorphizing, chemistry-variable brain, knowing that it can't help but be the product of millions of years of hominid evolution. I know that I'm not hardwired to think "after I die, I'm dead, that's it," so I don't try to force myself to believe it--I just try to live focused on this life as the only one, an idea that religion denied me. But when I catch one part of my brain imagining something "as if" I were going to live after I die, my atheist brain lets it go on with its bad self ... after all, who am I to stop me?
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Jul 28, 2011