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Tony wrote: "Tell me he triumphed Throbbing Gristle, or EyeHateGod and then maybe I'll agree with you. Flaming Lips...LOL." Wow, you sound exactly like DeRogatis. Intentional name-dropping of obscure bands is the first sign of hackery.
I'm with "jay smith". It isn't the Chicago Architectural Club's right to make this determination. This seems like a silly attention grab. The Spire isn't dead yet, and I hope it gets built. Chicago has a proud tradition...the skyscraper was invented here, for crying out loud. Let's not be so defeatist and cynical. Even if such attitudes are in vogue right now, it's counter-productive, and dare I say it, un-Chicagoan. The CAC should be ashamed.
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Feb 11, 2010