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Dear Eugene, Thanks Topic: "It's the passion, stupid!" I confess to falling away from your emails; pre-occupied by having failed after three years struggle, to establish a creative-helping-type site. I am pre- digital; a fossil. Lost my passion basically, unil the last two days: First I made (review) direct contact with a new writer whose book about his experiences in Iraq as a US soldier in a land forgotten and... He "made it" on the market (Kaboom by Matt Gallagher - De Capo Press) His first book: Passion was there anew for me and for him in discussing his atruggle uphill. Then today, your lenghty but refreshingly frank message about orchestras and their future...a pet matter for me admittedly - but this, after a year of not reading your online posts/comments. What I see is your most passionate output in the last year. GO WITH THE FORCE, LUKE! Arts are about (and stir) our deepest and sometimes private passions. Period. They must and will survive, like an single aria from Lucciano. On a wave of that energy that resides in passion, carved into blocks and served. Take heart dear colleague and go like Gangbusters at your next assignment - next week! I wll try the same..and would love to help. Cheers Neil McPherson Mainz, Germany
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Nov 28, 2009