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Sometimes I'll watch an episode of South Park or Futurama at the gym when I'm on the stationary bike.
Nope. Haven't gotten one.
I saw it on demand and I own the blu-ray, but I'll watch it again on Netflix.
I have no idea what this means, so I guess I'm uncool.
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2011 on in other words... at WWdN: In Exile
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Another day. Another outage. Is this still news?
These outages are happening so often that it's not a big deal anymore. That's probably not a good thing.
Every time I arrange my queue how I want it it changes back. Now that I think about it, I guess it is the TV shows that are being moved.
I never read them.
Terriers. It's way too late for Firefly.
I hope it's on the Xbox 360 soon.
I'm not interested in 3D. I'm kinda hoping it will go away. However, if people want to see it then Netflix should offer it.
I dabble with other services for titles that Netflix doesn't have available right away, but Netflix is still my main rental source. I don't see myself dropping Netflix completely. I'm actually buying more movies than I have before. I guess the 28-day window is working on me.
I'm not having an problems at all. I guess I'm either trying to get them on release day or much later because I'm not in any hurry to see it.
I'm seeing all the episodes from each season in 1 list without the tabs like in the picture above. Weird.
March 2004, though I think I did have a trial membership sometime before then.
I hit it a few years ago. I had a lot of Star Trek seasons in my queue. Eventually I decided to delete them and a bunch of other things. Now I'm usually around 100.
I kept Stephen King's Desperation and the last disc of Six Feet Under: Season 2 for about 2 years. I was holding onto them for a friend and sent them back when that friend moved away.
Pretty sure I returned the last movie I rented late. Maybe I should go by and pay that late fee.
I also doubt that they would buy the disc separately. When it comes to watching TV series via Netflix, I don't usually watch anything that's just come out.
Yes, I would and Netflix is pretty much the only reason. Normally, I receive a movie on Saturday to watch that night and I'm usually sending back a movie that I watched the previous night.
It works for me probably about the same percentage as it works for you. I put only one new release each week at the top of my queue and I don't do this every week.
Done. I rescued my dog a little over a year ago. I think I'm more dependent on him than he is on me.
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I had Stephen King's Desperation for around 2 years. My roommate wanted to watch it but never got around to it. I was on the 6 at a time plan and we were sharing an account. When he moved away, I watched it and returned it.
Cool video. I recently started getting my discs from Memphis when I used to get them from Jackson, Mississippi.