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Having lived in the world of panic, I can so identify with your post. I have a separate diagnosis that inegrates with my panic and anxiety and makes dealing with them a life or death situation sometimes. Thanks for such a good list. As my daughter is learning to deal with panic disorder I will keep this page bookmarked. Though she has done well so far with biofeedback, relaxation, and only occasional medication, I know that it is a long road to travel. Thanks again and thanks for visiting my TT. Cindi
What television devotee doesn't have a TiVo. I am so sorry you are not among the babtized by saveable television yet. Though if you had TiVo you might have missed your 90 minute foray into "Two people and some sharks". At least now I don't have to watch it. C
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My wish would be that my children will live happy and healthy lives of their own choosing in a world where no one judges you for who you are and how you find your happiness. Wow, I don't want much do I? Cindi
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