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louis r
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Some of you guys who comment on "how" Mr. Page SHOULD BEHAVE, are real funny. I am willing to bet MOST of you "commentators/racial experts," are white. I am willing to bet, your "indignation" is trumped up, just to create more turmoil and to try to put pressure on Reid. I believe Mr. Page, called it right, and I am willing to argue that HE DOES NOT appear to be a man who would be "afraid or unwilling" to claim racism, if and when he ound it. So, MAYBE some of you "offended" white folks, SHOULD take a cue from a man of color, and S the F up. Mind YOUR OWN business and "clean up your OWN filth."
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2010 on What 'Negro' problem? at Page's Page
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Jan 10, 2010