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As a loyal, paying customer of Netflix, I'm frankly annoyed that they would argue that the ADA only applies to brick-and-mortar businesses--especially since, as the judge noted, the law was made before the internet was what it is today. Perhaps Netflix should take a page from Apple, that uses access for the disabled as a positive for the company. Maybe Apple loses money on it; maybe they're just doing it to get PR or legal brownie points. But they do it. And so should Netflix.
I'd like Netflix to add DVDs to their streaming business. Maybe that Qwikster company? :-P
Nice sense of humor from the Netflix PR department!
Star Trek: The Animated Series is better than I thought... and certainly no worse than a good chunk of Classic Trek. Nice job on Netflix's part too: now they have all the Trek shows (counting DS9 which starts in October).
Good to hear. I traveled to Puerto Rico last October, and Netflix basically told me they couldn't do streaming since it's outside the US but that they would mail my discs since it's in the US.
No problems with Apple TV!
How has Netflx changed viewing? The new normal is I watch a half hour program about Netflix online commercial free without paying a cent.
I hope that Netflix looks to expand this sort of "party" viewing to other platforms. Think what it would be like if we knew that this show or that show could be watched by all interested folks at the same time! Perhaps it would be so popular that Netflix could create a magazine called "Television Guide" with lists of the times when shows started. Ah, what the future holds for us!
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May 12, 2011