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Interests: dairy. daisies. all things aquatic (including tasty inhabitants). globetrotting (on my budget, globehiccuping). island folk. marbled meat.
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"Pandesal originally started out as a plain roll, traditionally served for breakfast accompanied by such items as butter, cheese, scrambled eggs or filled omelets, sausages, bacon, Spanish sardines, jams, jellies and marmalades, coffee, tea or hot chocolate." oooh...yes, please! come hither, squishy stuff-friendly breads of the world!
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2010 on I Spy: Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs at An Effing Foodie
one MILLYON calories! ~pinky to lip~
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Mar 15, 2010
either, B40 fares well at both! Im a sucker for the Losaida Sling (cachaca, ginger beer chipotle).
you're on! but only if you promise to take the sippy spoon away from me when the soup horizon falls below half (and it will. because i'm a salty-monkey-MORON.)
awh, see. you're just using the twin guns of flattery and competitive drive to get yerself pancakes. clever, clever lad.
*secret brisling handshake* I'm big on Divisive Toast Toppings. Much to The Man's horror, I like Vegemite and pickled tofu, too. I haven't followed AB's recipe to a t, but I did have a whole-wheat bagel with avocado and a couple of the silvery buggers, and was mui pleased with it.
yarr...S&B masks all dry meat ills!
psst...foodies dig chipotle (even if not all of them admit it.) tho, in my opinion, where chipotle fails is in portion control. but since theyre run by the mcdonalds corporation, its not all that surprising.
Hmmm...the chutney has crossed state lines, never to return...but there be stuffing aplenty. ;)
as do i! on my most optimistic count, i could only come up with 6 or 7, not 14. WUSSES!!!
you know my OTHER favorite part of all this? Hesser does suggest those things...but divides them by gender roles: "Her involvement might also focus the energies of her husband’s cabinet — his secretaries of agriculture, education and health, say — to embrace the cause." So, wimmenfolk can influence policy, by cooking and teaching to cook, rather than getting in there themselves and tackling agribusiness and education head-on. Superty-dooper. NYAGH!!!!!!!! ;P