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1. Officer Fred: n. bicycle-mounted police officer failing to follow traffic laws. 2. Cluipless: adj. describing a situation or accident caused by a cyclist who was unable to operate their clipless pedals. 3. Share Hazard/Share Hog: n. Person with no knowledge of cycling safety, rules, or etiquette who has decided to try out a bike share bicycle.
I think I used this exact solution on my bike. Picked up the crate at Lowes. For a while it was perfect because the bike has a very wide, built-in rear rack, so, when folded, the crate didn't increase the dimensions of the bike much. But the bike is a split-apart bike that was frequently being shoved into a car, and the crate couldn't take the abuse and eventually fell apart too many times. I removed it and replaced it with a milk crate. Heavy, bulky, but indestructible. I still really like the folding crate idea, and if you're gentle with it (or find a sturdy one) it may work well. For my other bike I went with a non-hack solution and used a Topeak rack with an easy on-and-off basket. They also make a foldable crate to go with the rack, which is also tempting.
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2011 on Collapsible Plastic Crate Bike Basket at BikeHacks
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Sep 2, 2011