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Loraine Stevens
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I hadn't thought too much about web slide shows in the past but now that you mention them, I'm realizing they do have a strong potential for useful applications. I don't think their usefulness is restricted to news websites either; they could also serve as a novel, interactive way for a company's website to highlight certain features of a new product or program.
I don't often attend sporting events, but I have witnessed the firing of tee-shirt cannons on a few occasions. You're right- the crowd goes wild! I think the uncertainty involved increases the anticipation; people are never sure if they'll be one of the lucky ones who ends up with a tee-shirt. This adds a thrill that isn't present in simply handing away tee-shirts at a table, for example, and it's certainly more exciting than doing a raffle for the same item. I love the idea to expand use of the tee-shirt cannon. It's a great idea, and could certainly add some excitement to an otherwise run-of-the-mill promotional event!
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Jul 26, 2011