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My family uses HughesNet and have not been at all satisfied. The download threshhold is very low, something like 750 MB every 4 hours (I'm only there on weekends, so I'm not positive), but with 1 more or less constant net user (my brother) and two other computers (3 if I'm there), it's simply not enough. Streaming media completely knocks out the threshold - just a few YouTube videos slows you down. The one time I tried loading a Netflix Watch Now video, just to demonstrate to my mom when it first came out, it was horrible quality, and I doubt if it would have been able to play the entire movie. The speed in general is fairly slow, considerably slower than my cable in my apartment, but still better than dial-up. It does, of course, have issues with overcast weather and a lot of random outages. We've been very unsatisfied, but we live half a mile from the main road, and the cable companies won't run cable out for we're kind of stuck.