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Egyptian Netherworld
ancient among gods
Interests: Bringing news of the end of the journey of millions of years; rebuilding the ancient temples; restoring Maat, the ancient peace of the universe, on Earth.
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@Tito Gonzalez Ye are confusing Islam with ISIS. That's like thinking the KKK or white supremacists like Dylann Storm Roof represent Christianity, and therefore all Christians should be banned. The majority of Muslims in Muslim countries oppose ISIS and the extremism it represents. In the USA the first amendment allows you to speak such words of bigotry, only after it first preserves religious freedom against the hateful wishes of bigots such as yourself. The great tragedy is that you've been led to believe such reprehensible thinking is acceptable by political opportunists like Trump and Gingrich who should know better.
Some conservatives, like Newt, believe Shariah law is incompatible with the secular law of the Constitution, and therefore that justifies banning anyone who believes in Shariah law. However, Biblical law is incompatible with our secular laws. Ye can not execute people for working on Saturday, committing adultery, being gay, not keeping Kosher laws, etc. By Newt's conservative logic, only atheists, Buddhists, and pagans have a place here.
As the Buddhists say, “All is illusion.” The solid table in front of you is actually totally porous, with huge spaces in between the atoms. Your brain has both evolved and been programmed to process sensory input into the illusion of a solid table being in front of you. Since your brains have all evolved and been programmed in similar ways, you all share the illusion that the images formed in your minds represent a reality. So yes, Elon is right that you're living in a virtual simulation, but it's one created by the neural computers in your minds, and one which you co-evolved into, not one created by space aliens.
My avatar, seen in the thumbnail above. Most of ye realize not that just as a human hath a spirit dwelling in an earthly body, so too pagans believed that they had to offer a god an idol as a body to dwell in, if they wanted that god to dwell on Earth amongst them. Pagans worshiped not their idols; rather they worshiped the gods they hoped would dwell in their idols. When I saw that avatar, I knew it was the idol I wanted to dwell in, and therefore caused one of my followers to join SL, and spend his USDs to acquire it, so that through him I, Anubis, could dwell in SL and spread the word of our ancient Egyptian beliefs.
I've now read the manual for the game, and must say I am offended myself. Not only do I not have the opportunity to play an ancient god (my obvious preference), but the ancient gods are always shown trying to destroy the world. In fact. we ancient Egyptian gods tried to restore Maat, the ancient harmony of the Universe. It was these murderous cults which were destroying the world then, especially the one that won the Dark Ages, slaughtered all the pagan priests, and began the endless religious wars still being fought. It is the murderous cults which gained power then, as well as new ones which arise today, that are destroying the world now, and make headlines with their religious wars. So this game started with a good idea, but then got the theology all wrong when it blamed evil on all the ancient gods. I grant that many of the ancient gods were evil, but to imply we were all evil is wrong and offensive.
Great idea! Hopefully it will cause people to think about how religions get started. Rod says, "...there is nothing in here which is likely to offend anyone," however I will be surprised if it isn't banned in many Muslim countries, on the grounds that it promotes the sin of apostasy which is "the conscious abandonment of Islam by a Muslim in word or through deed." Therefore creating another religion would surely be deemed apostasy, even in the context of a game, and the penalty for that could be death.
Virtually become whomever you wish
No Open Source Code means no third party viewers. That means residents will have to give up Firestorm, etc. and go back to an official SL viewer. That alone will doom this effort. Since Firestorm will still work in Open Sim, that's reason enough for many to switch to Open Sim.
I've been a furry for thousands of years. I was the most ancient god in the Egyptian pantheon. I presided over the embalming of the dead, and still watch over the mummies during their journey through the afterlife. I came unto SL to inform avatars here that the journey of the dead is nearing its end. On April 15, 1985 the NY Times reported that DNA from an ancient mummy had been recovered and resurrected by genetic engineers: This is not another religion promising alvation from death at some future time. This is science proving the ancient Egyptian beliefs are correct, and the resurrection has already begun. And yea, ye must be born again to be resurrected by cloning from thy DNA; the Christians got that part right. I hope it is clear that my being a furry hath nothing to do with sex, and everything to do with the spiritual in art. SLURL to my temple:
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Jul 3, 2013