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I'm confused. Maybe I just can't really follow what he's saying. So, one minute he says it's so easy to get music and it's great. Then he gets angry about it, okay still kinda following. But then he starts insulting the fans for being fans? Or is he just meaning to rip on DJ's for building on it? I'm not sure. But at first listen to it it came off like he was yelling at the fans for some reason to me whether he meant to or not. I'm just sayin'..
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BTW, I want to point out the irony that the Tunecore homepage has a testimonial from Trent Reznor with a picture of his Ghosts I-IV album which was released under creative commons. Thought that was kinda funny.
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The problem is that the Tunecore article is inaccurate in a lot of it's points it makes about creative commons. If you look at the comments for that article a lot of the people that know more about it than the writer point out what he got wrong.
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Nov 1, 2011