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Lorenzo Valenzuela
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Apart from specific situations, don't forget that there are common rules for all the European Union, so this is an issue for everybody, not only french winemakers. Here in Spain the situation is worse by far because there is not a movement of natural wines as strong as it is in France. When we are under threat we just get the support of a bunch of friends. We must support Olivier Cousin till the end, say to the authorities that something must change, and that something is not us. Per-BKWine, you said: "the rules say that you are not allowed to put "pinot noir" on a wine label unless the wine is pinot noir" FALSE! The rules say that you must follow a bureaucratic system, where the cost for a small producer is higher by far than for a big producer. Why the laws don't say what you said? Because there would be no business for them.
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Oct 18, 2011