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I get sinus headaches that become migraines if I don't treat my allergies. I didn't really even realize the headaches were caused by allergies because the other symptoms were so mild... just a slightly runny nose, pretty much all the time. I just thought that was how my nose worked because I've been living that way for so long (and my mom has lived that way all her life). To ensure the migraines didn't return, I used Afrin for about two weeks before my doctor would refill my Flonase (I accidentally took it wrong, so my refill request went in too soon). Actually, I only needed to wait a week for my prescription, but Afrin made such a fast, noticeable difference that I didn't want to stop... but I, too, read the warning, and I knew I shouldn't be messing around with it. I've been on Flonase and off Afrin for a week now, and my sinuses are still messed up. Before Afrin, my allergies just caused post-nasal drip and stuffiness in my head. Now I literally can't breathe from my nose when I wake up in the morning, and when I blow my nose, there's constantly blood. And I have to blow my nose even more than before. I still have the Afrin here. I don't know why I can't throw it away, but I just can't. Not until I get back to my own weird normal. But it freaks me out to see it, too, and I'm staying away from it for now. I have a friend that's been using it for months, so I can't even imagine what she'd have to do to get off of it.
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Nov 17, 2012