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Lorraine Gilmer
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I just shared this article on my Facebook page, and a friend of mine said "Maybe it isn't true" That was the answer when I posed the question "Don't you wonder WHY we never hear of any of this from our media?!?! I know I do!" I'm now wondering just how many Americans come across articles of this nature and think "Oh this can't be true, I don't trust the media, it's all a lie". I must say I was shocked that he even suggested it was not true. And his last comment was "What do muslims look like anyway?" I answered that he would know, if he were Christian and in Egypt, they would be the ones beating him, throwing thins at him, raping his wife and destroying churches. Shocked or disappointed and mad...I'm not even sure what I feel about that now. Wake up bleeding heart Americans! Conspiracy theories are for the X-Files! This is real and it's coming to a city near you!!!
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Jul 1, 2011