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If you are still in Kin (and it looks like you might be) I would like to suggest that you ask around for the best place to get capitaine and makemba (fish steamed in a banana leave filled with onions, garlic and pili pili and plantains). I only suggest this meal because it happens to be my favorite meal in Kin. (The bukari and chicken a la mwamba are really good in Lubumbashi). My mouth is watering just thinking about these two yummy meals!
Actually, although the framework for the transmission system appears to be there it isn't. Many of the towers/lines across the country have been stripped (some more completely than others) and the materials used for everything from toys to pots, etc. The construction of the Grand Inga dam would be such a devastating idea at this point in time that it doesn't even bear thinking about--although given the push by Eskom, EIB, World Bank, AFDB, NEPAD, etc, Westcor, etc, etc, etc it has to be addressed. Don't get me wrong: I fully appreciate the positive correlation between electricity and economic and social development. However, before the Congo River or any of its tributaries (there have been talks about diverting the Ubangi river to feed into Lake Chad) are exploited the Congolese government needs to develop and implement a long-ranged national water sector plan as well as an energy development plan among other things. Smaller hydro dams strategically place, implementation of other clean renewable energy technologies (wind, solar, etc) need to be considered long before Grand Inga. And there have been a number of small hydro dams put into place by private industries as well as local government officials throughout the DRC (sorry I don't have my notes readily available to give specific examples).
Great post! I am looking forward to reading your entry on the relationship to economic governance and policy. I am sure that Mr. Masangu would be delighted to read your post. I have to wonder though, how is it that he has managed to stay at the helm of the DRC's Central Bank for so long (since 1997) and through so many catastrophes? By the way, any chance you have read (and are willing to comment) on Mr. Masangu's new book "Pourquoi je crois au progrès de l'Afrique – Le credo d’un banquier africain"? I hope so. Peace, Lorraine
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Dec 17, 2009