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Lorrie Cooke
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Dear Charles, I want to tell you Charles, that I am a enthusiastic listener of newstalk radio, and of your daily show. I find you not only hilarious, but wise and inspiring. At the beginning of this year, I resolve to be a better encourager, better listener, and an alround better person. That can only happen if I seize the opportunities I am given each day. Thank you for so eloquently speaking what so many Godfearing Canadian's believe. Thank you that you too Seize the opportunities that you are given each day, to encourage, speak the truth, and stand up boldly in the face of some harsh adversity. I find I have seldom disagreed with the opinions you so aptly share each day, on so very many topics. You are the mouthpiece of many, who cannot put into words what they wish to say. You use your gift wisely, and I am certain that your convictions and passions will keep you doing what you are doing for many years to come. The Speech Every Canadian High School Principal Should Give, struck such a cord with my husband and I, for in this crazy world, in which everyone is screaming out how they want their rights, based on their color, ethnicity, sexual oriantation etc., the ordinary person becomes overwhelmed and frustrated to the point, they lose their courage to say what they really feel or believe, just in case they are labeled a bigot. Our last child of four, graduated in 2001.I felt sad at the direction I could see public education was going, and 10 years later, the seeming frenzie to overindulge in political corretness continues at an everincreasing pace. I fear for the future of Canadian children..the price we are paying to welcome everyone and everything into our Nation, seems too great. I am not a person who will judge you for the color of your skin, for God has created each of us and loves us all equally. I do not think of myself as better because i am a whiteskinned Christian. Many in my extended family have married someone of a different skin color, and they have been loved and honored and accepted for who they are as a person. At the age of 57, I am wondering what defines us as Canadian? Is it just that we live in and are citizens of this land we know and love called Canada? What setsusapart from other nations of the world? We can all mention the RCMP, or the Maple Leaf, but are we the True North Strong and Free, or have we become a watered down version, of a land not so strong, and not so free. Don't get me wrong, there is no place on earth I would rather be a citizen of, but will my grandchildren feel the same when they are my age? Your article, if taken to heart by every Canadian high school principal, and carried through, has the potential to change the dangerous course we have been on for so many years. We have let secular humanism, erode the convictions and beliefs held so firmly in the hearts of those who founded this great Nation. My prayer for 2011, is that each of us could stand for what we believe in, in a loving, kind and firm manner...for we all know that if we don't stand for something, we will fall for anything. God Bless you Charles, as you begin this year. May you continue to be the mouthpiece so many of us need. Many times I have cheered in my kitchen or workplace as you have echoed my sentiments, and many others. Apathetic, you are not, apologetic, you are not...rather energetic. Thank you Charles for taking the time to read this comment. O and I am cheering from my kitchen. Sincerely, Lorrie Cooke, small town Sask.
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Jan 5, 2011