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These are just brilliant - you are so innovative - I can imagine some lovely chunky rings. Have the most wonderful time this weekend - looking forward to seeing all the photos and hearing all the news
Vintage papers that look genuinely vintage - right down to grandma's writing on the back (and mother's of course) Attention to detail - at it's best. Every success at CHA and have a wonderful time (exhausting no doubt - but exhilarating too!)
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What an innovative idea - brilliant
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My goodness - the hours you must have spent compiling the articles, adverts and even horoscopes - absolutely brilliant. Researching to get just the right paper too - that is dedication and we do appreciate it - well I most certainly do
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Your memory mosaics are absolutely a must have - to have all those texutures, colours, mixed media, alphas, flowers and nature, already printed to size - will enable someone like me produce gifts and art works I can truly be proud of - really 'lifts the game' What an original way to showcase your Smooch spritz new colour range - how could anyone not want to recreate such a gorgeous bouquet such as yours
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These papers are glorious - so refreshingly different and really 'arty' and original. I especially love the fact that you are using recycled paper - 'it's instant vintage' well almost- and you are doing all the hard work for us. Can't wait to get some.
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2010 on Artistic Papers SneakPeek at A Painterlady's View
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How I adore you stamp books - using ribbons make it such a gorgeous work of art - a thing of beauty and so much more than a book holding all your stamps There is not a single stamp that I do not yearn for - so choosing just two is really hard - but I 'The world is a stage' and 'Twiggy' two totally different styles - gorgeous
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2010 on Stamp Sneak Peek at A Painterlady's View
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Jan 18, 2010