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"...the whole enterprise can fail, it can be taken over by others, or the fundamental value and identity that characterised that embryonic stage can be lost." This is where I think the analogy becomes problematic. Your sentence above is somewhat at odds with your contention that "we'll never go back to closed systems in academia anymore." It might just be that we live in different parts of the opening, metaphorical globe, but I'm not so confident that we'll never go back and much more confident that the entire enterprise can fail. In particular, I'm not sure that decision makers in higher ed have much understanding or will to retain/enhance open efforts in the face of growing economic pressures...they are essentially the educational cloud, providing services without tangible returns and, like those cloud providers, they could start dropping like flies. Then again, I might end up like one of those dazed soldiers emerging from the jungle 30+ years after WW II, unaware that war was over.
Toggle Commented May 1, 2014 on Whadya mean "openness has won"? at The Ed Techie
The irony, on multiple levels, plays out not in the incident but in the response to it. My first comment on the "failure" was to note that, if people would think about it for more than 5 seconds, they'd realize that this is precisely the kind of course where we should expect this to happen. My second thought was to question why so many ed techies who talk about embracing innovation and how if one doesn't fail sometimes they surely aren't being innovated were snarky about someone who tried some new techniques in a context that didn't even exist a few short years ago. There's not much interesting in most of the reactions and very little that's interesting in the fact that the failure occurred. It demonstrates common principles. It shows just the institutional problems with experimentation that our driving many of my friends out of the field entirely, in part because Will Woods is exactly right about the problem but most, if not all, institutions are completely unequipped to implement the solutions.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2013 on The MOOCs that ate themselves at The Ed Techie
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Feb 8, 2013