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"When Your Life Was Low"... Always Remember My Friend, The World Will Change Again.. I think that this song by Lalah got me through a difficult break-up. It made me realize that it's not anything that I have done by being in the corner of my ex when they were on there lowest low, and then how I was forgotten in a moment. We should never forget where we come from and how we got there. The world can change when we are riding high and take us back to that place we never thought we would go back to. Its important to treat people the way that you want to be treated... You use to love me so, when your life was low...
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My favorite moment has to be a recent moment. From her new album "The Light of The Sun", Jills performance on Sundays Best and also the recent released video of "Hear My Call" moved me in expressions that can be only be known through my tears. Still dealing with a break-up that's been difficult to move from, I understand why she's calling out to God. When love has burned me raw & turned me cold... God you can change, fix and yes heal....heal this broken heart... Thanks Jill for showing that some of the best of us have had a broken heart and must ask God to help us get through it... I thank you Jill Scott
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Sep 1, 2011