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The main problem with the politics of Cameroon is that nobody knows where they come from and where they are going to. The SDF has no mission statement. Same to with the CPDM. All the leaders are interested in is Power with or without the people; and with or without a mission to the nation -- a recipe to a failed state status. This lack of vision leads to violence. And violence we will have in a country where greed, power, thievery and oppression is the norm. Moreover, SDF believes they may take power in Cameroon before resolving the Southern Cameroons issue. This, clearly, is a pie in the sky delusion. The remotest possibility of any English-Speaking Cameroonian running Cameroon is AFTER an internationally accepted solution for Southern Cameroons viz-a-viz LRC. SDF is thus but a distraction. The status quo will stay. No Anglophone in the Finance, Defence, President, Home Affairs. Stop wasting your time at the SDF or CPDM. Or at least be realistic and accept that you are second-class citizens and then press for solutions to make you first class in Cameroon as all Cameroonians.
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Mr. Annie Mae and the rest. We do not give a hoot as to starting "something good". Who told you we never knew good things in West Cameroon or SC? Or who told you Southern Cameroons is alien to Human rights? We helped East Cameroonians persecuted by Ahidjo and the French. So, please stop lecturing us on what Human rights organisations do in SC. We know it. You do not need to tell us. We do not care whether people form "international organisations" in Buea, Kumba, Victoria, Wum, Nkambe. These things are not new to English-speaking Cameroon. But do the people a favour and serve them as the CDC, Civil Service, Judiciary, PWD, PMO, WCDA, Dept of Social Security were doing from 1961 - 1972 in West Cameroon and from 1954 to 1961 in Southern Cameroons. You should not reduce our people to "hand-clappers". We have never been hand-clappers without works. Show your work and you will be applauded. We do not clap just on the basis that SONARA has been formed in Victoria etc......
Mr. Andy, The SCNC is not Southern Cameroons. SC is not an organisation either. Neither is everyone a member of SCNC although they have overwhelming support in Southern Cameroons. I insist that it is illogical to have a Human Rights Organisation operating in a country that is under subjugation without addressing the issue. Whether it is international or not is irrelevant. Dr. King had to address his Black subjugation first with his civil rights organisation. Else what exactly is the point? At the same time, it is up to him. Nobody can force a person to do what they do not wish. Whether one turns out to be a sage or a fool will be judged later; from your works;your aims; and who you represent.
Mr. Manga Che, The African Commission of human rights has to first focus on human rights violation in Africa. Pure and simple. To believe that Albert Mukong would have focused somewhere else when violation occured in front of his nose would be illogical. The work in his area of location was just too much for him to cast his net wider. Surely, if Cameroon listened to him, then this organisation would spread to the entire country. But to believe that Mukong would have ignored those violations in Bamenda, Wum, Kumbo etc for the mere sake of trying to be "national" is like asking a man to solve a problem in another man's house when his own house is on fire. These are the realities. Mr. Agbor's NGO is a free thinker. He can do whatever he likes. That is up to them. On the other hand, people are free to point out its short coming in relation to the Southern Cameroons issue. This would be the case with all human rights organisations in Kosovo, Apartheid South Africa, subjugated Southern Cameroons or American Civil rights movement in the 1960s......
Mr. Agbor Agbor, Individuals make institutions. Institutions do not appear on their own. Consequently, people are responsible for the creation and proper running of institutions in accordance with the aims and goals as prescribed in their mission statements. The following is that individuals who run institutions are held into account. On certain cases, individuals can connive to create institutions that exploit the people; break the law or violate constitutions. Such institutions are normally disbanded; and these individuals prosecuted, tried and possibly jailed if found guilty. So to answer your question: "Mindful of the state of affairs in the country, is it a question of who is responsible, or what makes these horrendous things possible? In other words, do we assign responsibility to individuals for our economic, social and political failures? Or blame the institutions?" Individuals are to blame if they violate the law or rules and regulations. Institutions are disbanded if they were designed to trample on human dignity. In the case of Cameroon, the present system of government is illegal because it violates the civil rights of Southern Cameroonians; as well as international law of self-determination of peoples. The system, therefore, must be abolished; to be replaced by one based on justice and equitable distribution of resources reflecting the equality of man. Secondly, those individuals running the country are mostly thieves. They have to be dismissed, tried and jailed if found guilty. This includes the President of La Republique du Cameroun, Paul Biya. Creating an institution to fight corruption is good. But for him to become head is extremely preposterous, unethical and fraudulent.....The best for him to do is to leave the scene lest he risks a popular uprising for his unceremonious exit, trial and disgrace.....
Mr. NjifenztB.D (UK), I never negated his work. Rather that the work should reflect the most imposrtant human rights abuse in Buea -- That of discrimination, theft of resources, illegal government in Buea and subjugation of the population in English-Speaking Cameroon. And then he can expand to other parts of Cameroon. He is free to do this or not do it. It is about choice. Same as founding a human rights NGO in Soweto.......and go to fight cases in Johannesburg..... "Avoid criticising something you have not even created.Its fair to wait and see or applaud for subsequent assessement." Why? Who says criticism must be based on a "wait and see". The war in Iraq could be obviated if criticisms from many quarters were heeded. One thing: We have been insulted in "wait and see" for far too long until we are now considered fools. THIS IS OVER..........
Mr. NjifenztB.D(UK), Only a fool will allow himself to be taken for a ride everytime on a "wait and see" nonsense. Any reason why people are referred to as "Anglofou". See what? See that SONARA has started employing people from Douala rather than Victoria before acting? Those who want to continue to do be "good" can go on. It is a matter of choice. Bu the wait and see policy which Foncha et al practised causing our people to be enslaved is over....
Nobody begrudges the formation of a Human right NGO in Buea. Mr. Agbor Agbor has done a good thing. On the other hand we have had our own share of insults. 1. SONARA in Victoria paying taxes to Douala. 2. Our Ports no longer functional although they continue to exist. 3. Our farmers are impoverished. PMO transplanted to Douala from Victoria; and then destroyed. 4. CDC sold before our very eyes. Every person using the peoples of Southern Cameroons for their own benefit while the people get poorer. The Head of Commonwealth coming to Buea to collect his Doctorate, passing through footpaths; and knowing the plight of the people. But he didn't utter a word. THAT ERA OF INSULTS IS OVER. If you set up an organisation in Buea, Bamenda etc, it must benefit the people of Southern Cameroons FIRST and then others and not other peoples FIRST and nothing or crumbs for our people. Certainly Not for a few elite to use our people for personal benefit. We cannot sit down and keep wishing things to change in the "future". WHAT FUTURE? 100 Years? We want change Now! If Mr. Agbor can help us highlight this evil and abuse of our people, fine. If he decides to do as SONARA, Ayaba Hotel etc..are doing, well, we would be left with no alternative but to attack his motive, mission and values.... NAN. You are an honest man. But nobody is a separatist. People are merely asking what is rightfully theirs. If it means it is got by Cameroon unity, so be it. If by two different nations, so be it also. Human rights can never be compromised. Mr. Fokam. Southern Cameroons is not new to democracy.
Another arrogant Mr. Fokam, According to him, SONARA taxes should continue to be paid in Douala for his tribesmen to borrow in Banks and do business while Victoria people die of poverty. He went on: "be realistic with your ambitions! No one listen to you, you are becoming very boring! at least if you don't want to change, give us some actions." Not every person is given to listening to the truth. While one does not subscribe you to be a devil, but the Devil, for one turns away from the truth because it cuts through him like a double-edged sword. What does Mr. Fokam mean by Change? When his tribesmen become landlords in Southern Cameroons as a result of illegal selling of Southern Cameroons lands by Thieves in Yaounde. Accoding to him we should accept this as "change". How shallow! And who says action does not include intellectual agitation? And what evidence do you have to prove that "no body listens"? Please don't be frightened......
Mr. Agbor Agbor, I have read all kinds of "big book" writings about Human rights from Cameroonians. Good. Your first task should be to confront the evil men in Yaounde who have taken another African Hostage by stealing and destroying what they own in Southern Cameroons. We are no longer interested in "big book" people making conferences upon conferences on "human rights" in Buea or Cameroon while side-stepping a great evil in Southern Cameroons. This applies to international organisations such as Commonwealth who profess human right yet turn a blind eye on the Southern Cameroons issue. This is a great hypocrisy. Your effort is commendable but if you refuse to address the evil in Southern Cameroons, we will attack your organisation as one of those "money" inspired hollow cash cow from abroad. You would be like a human rights group in Soweto who keeps quiet about Apartheid in South Africa. An outrageous scenario.
Mr. Klode and Janvier, I have read your writings. Now, I will respond to you two as accordingly. The era of empty "brother" is over. If you believe you can preach this brother nonsense while our people are slowly being killed, cheated and denigrated, then you are in gross error. Now is fire for fire. There is time for everything: Time for "brothers", time for enemy A Time to hate and time to Love Time to fight and a time to negotiate. Time to fight fire with water; And a time to fight fire with fire The suufferings and rights of the peoples of Southern Cameroons is NON-NEGOTIABLE. You cannot negotiate the rights of humans by creating human rights organisations alone without actually addressing the evil that is present in that same system. Either the Francophone leadership stop what they are doing in Southern Cameroons or they are forcibly pushed out. So, stop this "Hello, Hello". We are not interested anymore. Tell your brother administration from East Cameroon who run Southern Cameroons to do what is right by leaving the territory with immediate effect. The territory is not theirs as has been exemplified by the Bakwerilands BLCC victory in Banjul and endorsed by the AU. Southern Cameroonians should run themelves after the system they know best; and not be subjected to some alien system devised by Government thieves in Yaounde. When this has been attained then we can discuss a larger Cameroon. Not now.
"In my opinion, there is no nation as Southern Cameroon. Yes, history and all the juxtapositioning of nations may have occured, and countries have to respect laws. What you fail to understand in my judgement is that, international laws exist and the world is not prepared for conflicts, wars because a minority complains about marginalisation and the way out for them will be to stage coups." Mr Nke Fosung What makes you think that La Republique du Cameroun has the legal right to exist while Southern Cameroons does not have? Your pacifist views are similar to those that caused WW2. Hitler was a racist while some Statesmen turned a blind eye. Similarly, there is Apartheid in Southern Cameroons inflicted by LRC, yet you believe it must go on. Are you a racist-supremacist? Evil must be destroyed irrespective as to whether the International community wants it or not. Either the LRC leaves SC, completely change its ways or they are booted out by force on account of their evil practices and their illegal occupation of a different country. Full stop. You are free to remain a Citizen of LRC if it comes to the worst case scenario. It is your choice. But do not, wittingly or unwittingly, spread racist-tribalist supremacist ideas that contaminate the international community so as to justify illegality and evil against a people by another.
"Look at the historical annals of Saint Joseph College Sasse, the sole at the time and the school that churned out the vast majority of English speaking administrators for the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, the backbone of administration many of us are proud of. As an entity, most were from across the Mungo. If we are proud of that era, then they were nation builders." Janvier, Your statistics about in take in Sasse College cannot be substantiated. While Sasse College takes on people based on talent and intellectual promise, I do not believe that "most" who went to the Great College were "from across the Mungo". You have no evidence to support such an argument. You are mixing historical facts. Those who lived in the area that became Southern Cameroons before WW1, became SCians irrespective whether they came from across the Mungo or not. It was after the two mandates from the Versaille Treaty that created the present boundaries between The Republic of Cameroon and Southern Cameroons. Those who sort refuge from French barbarism into SC after this time were from across the Mungo. But the vast majority of people living in SC in the 1930s when Sasse College opened were SC who never came from "across the Mungo". They were just simply SC as a matter of circumstances and events. Secondly, you cannot preach Unionism when there is apartheid in Cameroon against Southern Cameroonians. Unless this Black-on-Black apartheid is stopped -- and abruptly -- your arguments are all in vain because SCians will seize their rights and reclaim their Territory from illegal occupation by the Republic of Cameroon.
"It is also good to see that Jua is part of the council, and as such is playing his part to maintain the sanity of the country. This is all very good for a potential leader of the SDF party. " (Dr. Agbormbai) Well, Dr. Agbormbai, how can Jua, a "Nigerian", become President of Cameroon? Please, answer this question. "I have a real feeling that the President is serious about getting the country right." Dr. AAA It is not about feelings. It is about reality. The reality is that Paul Biya has blundered; carrying the country on the borders of moral limbo, political abyss and economic ruin. So, whether he is serious or not is not the question. A person may be serious about passing Further Maths at A Levels. But it does not follow that he is up to the challenge. Evidence, therefore, suggests that President Paul Biya may be: 1. Serious but not up to the task of Nation building. 2 Not serious AND not up to the task -- a nigthmare scenario 3. Not serious but up to the task - A dangerous scenario 4. Totally hopeless 5. All of the above. "I also like this genuine spirit of democracy that I am seeing everywhere in the country. With everything looking so promising, it will hopefully not be long before we begin to see the effects on the masses." Dr AAA How long shall we wait? Another 25 years? A whole generation has been lost/bypassed because of dreadful ineptitude of the Biya regime. For a quarter of a century, Cameroonians were waiting for political and economic manner from heaven but all in vain. My advice is that Paul Biya should Leave Cameroon altogether for good.
Dr. Agbormbai, It is about the application of international Law. You need history for that. Bakassi's location in SC is due to History; and is/was acknowledged in the ICJ in the Hague. Besides, Why would you believe in German Kamerun and not believe in the UN Trusteeship? All are historically entrenched. Please, use the right judgement. Southern Cameroons was the only self-governing UN territory that has been allowed to be cheated by LRC/France on grounds that we had no army and that we had independence after them. I would assure you that had SC had an army in 1961/1972 there still might have been an on-going war in the gulf to this day; so that international law could be implememted against a marauding gang of barbaric forces from the East of the Mungo. So, please spare us this Grand Kamerun when our people are being treated like slaves; their land seized from them to be sold to people from the East and Frenchmen while their resources is being pillaged by France and LRC to develop their own countries while places like Manyu etc in SC. are regions cut off from the world -- no roads, airports, riverports, railways; and more backwards than pre-1940s before WWII.
Dr. Agbormbai, While the SCNC has the mandate to fight for SC liberation, the owner of the country is SC people and not German Kamerun. German Kamerun never took part in any plebiscite. Similarly, French Cameroons never took part in the plebiscite. Our fathers never voted for evil to befall us from a brutal and autocratic The Republic of Cameroon. They voted for good purposes and with good intentions. As our fathers chose, freely, to join the LRC, so do we have the right to leave if we are badly treated as has happened. This is common sense. No group of people have ever voted themselves into self-destruction and suffering. It is about self-determination of SCians and not some old German colony which broke up after less than 25 years in existence in terms of SC as Prof. Anyangwe has proved. Besides, your argument is flawed because you disregard the League of Nations Mantdate, The Treaty of Versailles, The UN Trusteeship Council, The Yalta Treaty and the UN Charter that caters for a right to self- etermination for SC as a Mandated Territory and then a UN Trust Territory. LRC has NO legal claims of SC.
Che Sunday (Dr), I read your articles with great concern. In your first article on Gowon, you (mis)took a complete elliptic tangent by mistakenly accusing Ironsi as the genesis of the Nigeria mayhem and butchery of the mid 1960s. Now, you are attacking Southern Cameroonian using questionable sources of information. Amongst your uninformed assertions you wrote: "There is a continued attempt at misleading the present generation into believing that we were a self governing state before joining French Cameroon." Either you do not know or you are actually misleading the present generation. Southern Cameroons achieved semi-autonomy (self-government) in 1954 after S Cameroonian MPs walked out of the Nigerian Eastern House on grounds of benevolent neutrality; and that theyy weren't Ngerians. Although it was self-governing within the Federation of Nigeria, SC were answerable to HMG in Londonand NOT to colonial Nigeria. Further, there was a SC cabinet with Ministers. I would also like to remind you that Trust Territories of the UN are not sovereign. Therefore, they are not allowed to have anthems etc. SC anthem was God Save the Queen of UK. The UN/British Flag was the Flag of Southern and Northern Cameroons. Again you opined, albeit, erroneously: "We had inept leaders who did failed to impress on the United Nations, and most especially Britain to include the option of self-governing on the plebiscite ballot prior to leaving Nigeria." Southern Cameroons, before the 1960s, was far more advanced in leadership and democracy than a VAST majority of African countries including French Cameroons who were in the throes of a UPC rebellion against the French. It is mark of UN disregard for the rights of Southern Cameroonians to have asked them to join a country ravaged with Civil war. What exactly was the point? Besides, the Republic of Cameroon was not a democracy, and had never experienced true democracy like SC. Ahidjo was NOT elected by Universal Suffrage of the people but in Parliament Yaounde due to the war in the country. Leaders were not inept. They were caught in the tide of history; and the intriue of the Powers. In this day and age, inept leaders or not, the UN would never ask such disrespectful questions to a peoples. It was, in fact, an abuse of the human rights of the peoples of Southern Cameroons and it must be rectified whether people like it or not. "So long as our leaders, whether forced or coaxed into signing that article of confederation in Foumban, and so long as they did not repudiate that article in public, we are part of today's Cameroon. Any attempt to disassociate ourselves from that unity, is a seccesion." Another statement not based on facts but on hearsays. Can you point us to the "article" that was signed in Foumban? Or at least, refer to it? And who signed this "article"? And why? As far as no such document exists or cannot be found, your arguments are completely baseless and as such of absolutely no consequence. Secession, therefore, is out of place. SC is still a UN Territory untile an internationally recognised Treaty is signed between LRC and Southern Cameroons. Even if they signed any article, that does not give LRC a right to treat Southern Cameroonians like their slaves; and then refusing to develop the territory while siphoning resources to build their own territory across the Mungo River. Only the most depraved of lunatics would accept such NONSENSE. Now, the Francophones should either, revert back to the Federation as prescribed by the UN or leave the territory. The fact that no Treaty exists between the two countries mean that Southern Cameroons is not in any legal Union with any country. The Union is illegal in international law. Your hopeless assertion of differences in SC between different ethnic groups as a reason to deny Southern Cameroonians their birthright is illegitimate. No country is perfect. All that is needed are laws to curb excesses in racism, tribalism, barbarism and an incitement to racial hatred.