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I agree on a few fronts: 1) I will always pay for quality. I have ZERO problem paying a subscription fee to Netflix and TiVo and Sirius radio, because they deliver valuable content. I am happy to pay for premium access to other products. 2) I am dead tired of untargeted, ridiculous CPM ads. I can't remember the last time an ad on Facebook was relevant to me. I am encouraging those Web services I advise to find a way to deliver premium value and set up subscription models. Ads need to go away.
I am going to meet with Technorati at their offices tomorrow. Anything you would specifically like me to ask them?
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2010 on Ditching Technorati Tags at /Message
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We A's fans, not a huge fan of Mr. Lackey, call him "Slingblade". (For obvious reasons) That doesn't mean he's not any good, or that he likes "french fried pertaters"... but I've never seen his mouth closed.
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Dec 14, 2009