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Why no comments about this? Perhaps I missed your post. ---------------- THOUSANDS of mild human cases of avian influenza have occurred throughout the two-year outbreak in Vietnam, suggesting that the infection is far more pervasive than previously thought, new research has found.... The investigation by a team of scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden is not altogether bad news. It suggests that bird flu can be so mild in some people that they shake the infection without medical attention. And while the new research reveals that infection with the H5N1 virus is more widespread, it also shows that the strain does not kill 50 per cent of people infected with it. Infectious disease experts said on Monday that the research provides a strong counterpoint to growing fears about the infectiousness of avian flu, especially in light of reports of human cases apparently simmering in Turkey for months. "The symptoms most often are relatively mild," wrote Anna Thorson, heading the survey of more than 45,000 people in north-west Vietnam where outbreaks have led to waves of poultry culls. ---------------- Is it because the news is less alarmist than you would like?
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"he's the chairman of the company that holds Tamiflu as its product" Umm, no. Rumsfeld is not the chairman. Nor does he serve on the board. Look for yourself: So is the gist of your tirade a belief that this is all a plot hatched by Rumsfeld to enrich himself? That would involve a massive conspiracy, involving not only thousands of scientists and doctors, but people such as those who run this blog. Are they all in on the conspiracy to enrich Rumsfeld? Why is it that no one talked?
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DiseaseProof is horsehockey and I think you're losing credibility by linking to it. Joel Fuhrman says that if we eat lots of fruit and veggies the flu doesn't stand a chance. In his own words, "With nutritional excellence our body becomes a miraculous disease-resistant organism. Flu is no exception." Bullcrap. He says elsewhere, "My four children have never taken a drug or antibiotic in their life and because of their good nutrition, have powerful immune systems that enable them to recover incredibly quickly when they do rarely get sick." Note that he doesn't quantify his claims or let you know how he came to this conclusion. Just take his word for it. Oh, and buy his books. Humans have no immunity to bird flu, and eating lots of oatmeal and bananas and skipping that Big Mac doesn't change this fact one iota.
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I am sure this has been discussed, but I haven't seen it. Is the mortality rate being overstated? I ask this because I don't know what percentage of people who are infected actually get to the hospital where they are counted and studied. Perhaps most people who are infected don't suffer life-threatening symptoms, and only in the most dire of circumstances do people go to the hospital for treatment in places like Vietnam or Indonesia. This would skew the numbers, implying a much higher mortality rate than it actually is. Or maybe it's worse, and most people die before they can even travel to the hospital. I don't know. Does anyone know at this point?
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Thanks for the kind words! - Lou
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