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Skeptico wrote: "On the face of it, I agree it would make one wonder if it was worth taking the meds." That's big of you, Skeptico. I'm impressed! "You could ask your question at the JREF Science Forum - someone there is sure to be able to add something." And there's the inevitable cop-out. It's reminiscent of my old debates against Christians who would appeal to some high-level apologist when they couldn't answer a tough question and consider the case to be closed. Noreen, this is why it is not valuable to ask important questions of low-level HIV/AIDS devotees. We need to focus our questions on the movers and shakers in the HIV/AIDS industry, as those are the ones that folks like Skeptico depend on when the going gets tough. And when these High Priests of AIDS admit things such as cross-reactivity of "HIV antibodies" on Western Blot tests and the previously-denied existence of cofactors, then those are some of the data that will eventually change minds (in people who care about evidence). Or, alternatively, someone can answer some tough questions that I have in which case I'll become an HIV/AIDS believer, too. Either way is fine with me.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2006 on A Straw Man gets AIDS at Skeptico
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