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I'm a recent reader of "The Muse Is In" and subscriber to your blog, and want you to know how very appreciative I am of the perspective you help me to gain. "The Muse Is In" prompted me to begin taking tiny steps toward unfreezing my creativity (which is writing-oriented). I completely identify with the woman's fear (from the Taos retreat) that you discussed in this post, and it's applicability to my writing life: "I’m afraid I’m not going to write anything good so I’m not going to even try to write anything at all." Wow, that is so me! "The Muse Is In" inspired me to do tiny creative exercises most days. In that vein, I've tried to write a haiku every day or every other day. I'm pleased with some; some are crap. But ALL of them have engaged my sneaky, lurky, hidey sense of creativity. I just write them about whatever mundane thing is on my mind at the time It's hokey, but I wrote a double haiku about you as my creativity muse. (I'm not sure that there IS such a thing as a double haiku, but three lines just didn't seem enough, so I wrote three more!) "Muse Jill Badonsky, She helps unearth elusive Creativity. She shows me it's there, Inside me, only waiting For recognition!" Thanks for all you do, and congratulations on living your passion. =) Laurie P.S. I also wanted to share my very first (non-school-related!) haiku, written the other day in response to your February 13 creativity prompt from "The Muse Is In," which said to write a poem about one of my shortcomings: "I procrastinate To give myself time to plan More stuff to put off!" I was quite pleased with that one. LOL
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Mar 2, 2016