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Firstly, International Giveaway?! Thanks for including us farawayers I love joining in, especially Giveaways!! Secondly, what an amazing and awesome bunch of awesome stuff! Who doesn't need shit for their hands and lips? It's dry down in NZ this summer, I definitely need some shit to help out with that (okay I'm not comfy swearing like this here so maybe I'll highlight the be a better parent tea, because I certainly need some some days!!). I love this!!! Love xox
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2013 on A BLEUBIRD GIVEAWAY - NOW CLOSED at BLEUBIRD BLOG
Thank you for sharing! I have had a sore throat and while I use clove oil for brushing my teeth I hadn't thought of using cloves in a tea! Cloves have a lovely gentle numbing effect. The coconut oil is a perfect addition to soothing the throat! I think I could probably steep this with a bit of regular tea added to get into the kiddies too! Wonder if peppermint oil would be another idea (maybe with peppermint tea?) Brilliant lovely lady! xox
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2013 on CLOVE COCONUT TEA at BLEUBIRD BLOG
There is nothing nicer than having a community that to's and fro's with information that is needed (sometimes desperately). It is also nice just to know sometimes that what we go through as parents is also experienced by others, thus we don't feel so alone. Thank you for making us laugh (and cry sometimes too). You make parenting more fun! Happy birth Harlow, Happy Birthday Mazzy, Happy Hanukkah and happy families!! Much Love xoxox
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2012 on I Finally Wrote a Thank You Card at Mommy Shorts
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Dec 14, 2012