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I was in A SPA! You dragged a woman from her spa day? You better hope I find a pool when we get home or I'm going to make your life smell like shit FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAYS.
Fully LOVE Sohaila and wee Layla's hair! Truly EPIC people win truly EPIC competitions and this has been EPIC!!!! Have I said EPIC enough....I think not! I poo poo people who say shite because sometimes jealousy and plain ignorance should have their mouths sewn shut (or these days their hands sewn into silk mittens and these sewn to their socks!). You rock the internet Ilana and this makes life fun and funny and to be honest I also learn a lot from you and my fellow followers! love xox
also, my son, while not having heard it from me but from school and realises it's a bad word has developed a very studious way of getting to accidentally say 'fuck' by playing a one-player rhyming game!
I'm just so very anal and really only shout 'for fuck's sake you mother fucking fucker, fuck' - though mostly when I'm driving without the children - it's like my chocolate bar of sanity that I sneak when I'm alone! I had to change 'shits and tits' so that you'll hear a lot of 'shirts and trousers' (though I've personally reverted and mutter shits and tits but the children think I'm saying shirts and trousers)! I love 'feck' a lot too!! Love xox is now following The Typepad Team
Apr 23, 2013