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They're totally overdue for an update. It was a great campaign, but I think it has outlived its usefulness. How about this: An obvious Man of Leisure strolls up to a sidewalk hot dog venor. "Excuse me? Do you have Grey Poupon?" he says. The vendor nods and removes his apron to reveal a tuxedo shirt. He dons white gloves and bends down to retrieve a silver serving tray with a jar of Grey Poupon, which he spreads elegantly on the order. Cut away to the Man of Leisure walking away enjoying his hot dog while the vendor puts the apron on in the background. Ends with the line: "Grey Poupon. When you want to keep it classy." Or you can have two hipsters on fixies (wearing tuxedo shirts?) stopped at a traffic light where they 'refresh' the original campaign. You'll hit the millennials demo with the hipsters and the boomer demo who remember the original. Just doing my Don Draper impression over here. "Keeping it classy" is in the current zeigeist and it doesn't allude to any kind of exclusivity as with the earlier commercial, which would probably be in poor taste given the current economic climate. While you do have to have good taste to enjoy it, you don't necessarily have to be well-heeled. I've probably put way too much thought into this, but yeah, many brands do need to give their respective Aunt Jemima's a new hairdo.
Yep, and they had the same exact issue with the NYC Half Marathon. Local runners had a very, very tough time getting in. When people demanded to know what was up, it was revealed that the odds favored out-of-state and international runners. NYRR's big solution to that was to offer guaranteed entry to anyone who completed 4 out of the 5 half marathons offered. At $65 a shot. Mo' money! They also put the kabosh on the popular Bronx Half and made it a 10 miler. Most of their announcements seem to inevitably result in a facepalm.
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"Let whomever you are speaking to know that as soon as they said “how can I help you” they signed onto a journey and nobody is going to sleep until things are resolved." I think before anyone deals with customer service, they should read that line, put on Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down" in the background, throw a couple of practice jabs in the air and then start dialing.
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I think O'Leary wants to be the Simon Cowell of the airline industry. It's a formula that, unfortunately, has been pretty successful. I think many will view him as more of a way less funny Don Rickles than the devil incarnate. Jet Blue has awesome customer service, but I'd be hard-pressed to recall their CEO's name. And that may be the point: name recognition. O'Leary will no doubt be frequently described as 'brash', which is far less off-putting then 'arrogant jerk'. But I totally agree, Repman. Not only are CCO's not regularly invited to the table, they're often forced to eat in the kitchen.
My current employer does this CONSTANTLY! I don't even know what to do about it. It's a very small shop, so I really don't have a place to voice my objections. Also, it took a while to find this job and getting fired would be very inconvenient right now. Although, getting fired is rarely convenient. I knew there had to be some reason why I had such limited contact with clients. Everything is communicated through my boss, which slows certain processes down to a crawl. It's frustrating. Every agency that I've ever worked for ENCOURAGED you to develop a solid working relationship with the clients you serviced. I only became aware of their willingness to poach my ideas when a client cc'ed me on an email detailing several pitches that I came up with and were shot down for various reasons. There was no discussion, explanation or a sense of embarrassment about it. The conversation moved forward as if no theft had occurred. And then it kept happening! Almost as if exposure gave this person carte blanche to pick my pocket whenever they felt like it. I'm mollified by the fact that I will eventually (hopefully sooner than later) leave this person's employment. Until then, my continuing ability to pay bills has to trump any dwelling over past and future transgressions. It's completely unfair, but some of us just have to deal until there's a job market that offers us real options.
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Fascinating. You also touched on a theory that I'm pretty obsessed with: It's amazing how the removal or addition of certain events can shift the entire course of history and what that history would entail. Good post!
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