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"Watch out for this article in an Upcoming Michigan FrontPAGE" I was drinking tea, enjoying the breeze and people watching, when I eased dropped on a conversation of a nearby couple. The woman was in a heated debate over her man’s female friend. As I listened, I was taken back... Continue reading
For those of you who missed my recent article in the Michigan FrontPage...Take a seat, relax and ENJOY!!! The arrival of the 21st century has caused the cheating game not to limited itself to just men, but to include women as well. Modern technology has given way to more and... Continue reading
"For those who missed my feature article in the Michigan FrontPage..Take a break and ENJOY!!!" Have you ever bake some cookies and no matter how you followed the instructions, they just came out burnt. This recently happened to me and upon investigation, I found out that I needed to clean... Continue reading
Just recently I had the opportunity to attend my high schools 2nd annual alumni party and I got to thinking, what do you do when you see an old high school love, crush or fling? Chante Moore song “Old Song Lovin” popped into my head… Let's go back baby, back... Continue reading
On the drive home the other day I was swooning to Raheem DeVaughn sing me into a relaxed love state, when the next song that came across my Ipod was B.O.B (Battery Operated Boyfriend). As the singer spoke on ways that B.O.B can't kiss you, rub your thighs or play... Continue reading
Recently I decided to take a drive to enjoy a breezy, beautiful, sunny summer's day and I had an intense craving for some chocolate chip cookies. Since I was already out I passed by a Subway and got three cookies to go on the ride with me. As I bit... Continue reading
Define Me, and you will see She, the one that loves, that one that moves your soul Define You, and you will see He, the one that protects, the one that connects Define We, and you will see She and He, the unit that makes it whole, the one that... Continue reading
In a recent conversation with a friend of mine, she was citing to me her top "5" list, and she said "A.J.,the man I need has to be God-fearing, attractive, have a good personality, treat me well and like sports. I then asked her something that I think has put... Continue reading
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Aug 9, 2010
LOL @ LaDawna....I think I can guess the me anyways...LOL.
Recently I was watching an episode of Oprah on which she was helping a 41 year old woman find a date. This woman was fairly attractive, successful, no children and had never been married. During the course of the show Oprah asked her to make a list of the attributes... Continue reading
As I waited to get a McDonald's Carmel Frappe with extra carmel "of course" I overheard a conversation from a young woman and her husband. As they sat, she began to explain to him that even though they had been married for a couple of years, she needed for him... Continue reading
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Jul 25, 2010