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Geert Lovink
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Honest posting. Go on. I came to a similar observation recently, Jodie. I primarily thought of the lameness, the powerlessness of Freudo-Marxism as a productive-subversive theory se (sorry btw to have left out Nietzsche). Not because it is false or wrong but because there are no point anymore in the everyday where it connects. What theory at its best does is produce an 'aha Erlebnis'. Many are looking for this experience again, but it has become rare. We need to have the feeling of insight again ("the act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively" from W.) One way of getting there is to relentlessly be open to the present. However, to analyze the present these days is tremendously exhausting. It requires the abilty to unpack micro events that occur in seconds. Or should we rather describe the large trends that are equally invisible for the mainstream eye?
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May 14, 2010